Hello! I’m Mary O.

Is retiring and moving to Africa the best next step for you?

I’m here to empower you by providing you with the detailed information you need in order to confidently make the decision that is best for you.

  • Dual Citizen (Nigerian and American)
  • Researcher & Writer (My latest book, Moving to Ghana: The Essential Things You Need to Know, was published in 2018)
  • Co-Owner Celmar Travel & Tours: Africa Travel Planning & Tour Operator based in the USA and Ghana
  • Retired early to start a business leading to creation of the life I wanted for myself in the USA and Africa

Listening to people sharing what they want to do, and presenting the information to guide them on their journey to achieving their dreams and goals is what I love doing.

Drawing on my cultural background, personal experiences and my travel business, I created Retire to Africa for people just like you. People who are thinking about retiring and moving to Africa, but are not quite sure of where or how to get started, or if moving to Africa is the best path to take at all.

My passion is to introduce you to all that Africa has to offer – it diverse lands, people and cultures – as well as the joys and challenges that come with living in an African country.

Trusting me to help you is an honor and privilege.

Mary Oluonye image