Marche des Arts du Spectacle d’Abidjan, 2018
  • Held every two years in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, M.A.S.A. is Africa’s largest Cultural Festival and is a showcase of international talent in the fields of Music and Art.
  • M.A.S.A. draws artists and performers from all over the world because it is a chance for performers to come together, network and introduce a global audience to who they are and what they do. It is also an invaluable opportunity for artists to attract the attention of music professionals who attend the event such as music record label representatives, producers, managers, talent booking agents, and media journalists scouting out new talent.
  • Performers in the categories of Storytelling, Music, Dance, Theater, Stand-up Comedy, Street Arts, and Slam were invited to submit applications to participate in this 10th Edition of M.A.S.A.
  • 187 artists and performers from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, the Caribbean and Asia submitted applications.
  • And of the 187 applicants, 74 made the cut, and one of them was, and is, Nigeria’s own Seun Olota and the Ex-TasI Band.

Congratulations to Seun Olota and the Ex-TasI Band !

  Photos: & Seun Olota

If you have ever seen this 10 person band perform, then it should come as no surprise that they were selected.  The sound and feel of their music is eclectic, unique and uncompromising – it is free and cannot be pigeonholed into any one particular category.  Indeed, it is an adventure to see and hear what each new song will bring.  There is an intangible aura about the band itself which may be attributed in some measure to the camaraderie, humility, support and professionalism that seems to be an unseen, but ever present member of the band.  And then there is the band’s front man, saxophonist, songwriter and performer, Seun Olota, whose smooth onstage presence is charismatic and compelling; at times raw and “in-your-face-intense”, and at other times, enigmatic, low key, lighthearted or even humorous.

How is the band preparing for M.A.S.A.? I decided to ask. I caught up with Seun Olota by phone just a few days before he and his band mates headed to Abidjan, and here is what he had to say: The days leading up to the festival have been incredibly busy. It is all about multi-tasking right now.  However, having participated at a previous M.A.S.A. event, he has a better idea of what to expect. Still, the preparation is intense…. From my observation, Seun Olota and the Ex-TasI band is committed to excellence. So, if you are lucky enough to be in Abidjan for the festivities, ENJOY!!!